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Dr Rodger Spiller - Your Money Doctor

Dr Rodger Spiller is an Authorised Financial Adviser, Certified Financial PlannerCM and Certified Responsible Investment Adviser. Supported by an excellent team and leading investment managers, Rodger works to help investors make money and make a difference. Rodger holds a PhD in business ethics, responsible investment and responsible business. He originally qualified as a Chartered Accountant then completed a Masters of Commerce (First Class Honours).

Rodger established Money Matters in 1990, after a career in accounting, lecturing and investment research. In 1997, the New Zealand Institute of Management awarded Rodger its Small Business Manager of the Year Award. Two years later he won the inaugural Good Returns New Zealand Financial Planner of the Year Award. Rodger was a financial adviser in the TV One series Money Doctor. He served for ten years as a board member of the Responsible Investment Association Australasia.

Our Clients - Responsible Investors

As with a medical specialist, client relationships are built on a bedrock of trust and integrity, backed by Rodger's unparalleled education and experience. Money Matters' clients are individuals, couples, families and family trusts with substantial investment portfolios. As the name suggests, Money Matters primarily attracts responsible investors who wisely realise that what they do with their money matters.

Money Matters' clients know the value of working with a leading investment specialist to diagnose their financial situation, prescribe them an optimal plan, then implement and monitor their plan and portfolio in the context of changes in their situation and with investments and markets. Our clients value the expertise provided by Money Matters in being their buyer’s adviser, able to assess the relative merits of different fund managers and to select, manage and replace managers as appropriate.

Profit and Principles

What you do with your money really does matter. You can invest responsibly, integrating environmental, social and governance issues into investment decision-making and ownership practices. You can be part of the solution rather than the problem by encouraging companies to address the world’s environmental and social challenges as business opportunities. You can know what your money is up to – what the companies do and how well they relate to their stakeholders. You can do well and do good.

Consumer Magazine recommends that you talk to a financial adviser who holds the Responsible Investment Certification Symbol before embarking on any new investments. Dr Rodger Spiller was the first financial adviser in New Zealand to receive this certification. He is one of very few financial advisers in New Zealand financial, specialising in this field of responsible investment. 

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